The next meeting of the European Forum of Supervisory Authorities of Trusted Service Providers (FESA) and ENISA

On May 10, 11 and 12, 2022, the National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (NAECCS), as part of the ENISA Article 19 Expert Group (European Agency for Cyber Security), as well as in the capacity of a member with full rights in The European Forum of Supervisory Authorities of Trusted Service Providers (FESA), participated in the meeting on the latest changes in the eIDAS2 regulation as well as the NIS2 Directive. Supervisory authorities in the field of trusted services from all member countries of the European Union participated in this activity. FESA members meet regularly at least twice a year, where they exchange information and discuss issues of international cooperation between supervisory authorities in the field of trust services. FESA aims at harmonizing the activities of supervisory authorities, developing common points of view for dialogue with political or technical institutions, in particular with the European Commission and standardization institutions, to facilitate the processes for the European Commission in relation to trusted services.

Some of the most important topics discussed were:
1. Acquaintance with the current situation in the field of trusted and security services in all FESA member countries
  •  Annual reporting on the number of Qualified Trusted Service Providers registered in each member country, as well as the number of cyber incidents that have occurred.

2. Discussion on the changes in the eIDAS2 regulation including the European Digital Identity Wallet and the technical solutions for providing this service in order to establish common technical criteria in the EU.

3. Recent technological developments related to:

  •  Qualified certificates for authentication of QWAC websites
  • cases where the certification of devices for creating qualified electronic signatures is removed
  • Standards for qualified storage service for electronic signatures
  •  EU Trusts Services Dashboard module, new functions added

4. Discussion on the requirements and responsibilities of the qualified trusted service provider to ensure reliable systems

5. Implementation of ETSI international standards, in order to increase the level of security in the services offered.

Recently, it was also proposed to change the name of the group from “Enisa Article 19 Expert Group” to ECATS (European Competent Authorities on Trusted Services), this change came as a result of the removal of Article 19 from the eIDAS regulation. It was also proposed that candidate countries to enter the European Union, which have harmonized their legislation with the eIDAS regulation, have the right to vote in the same way as EU member countries, in relation to important decisions taken in the group of ENISA and FESA experts. In conclusion, the updating of the regulatory framework was suggested, specifically with the new ETSI standards, and the continuation of cooperation in the field of trusted services between FESA member countries was promised.

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