General Director

Bio Prof. Assoc. Dr. Igli Tafa

Mr. Igli Tafa was born in Tirana on June 16, 1979. He is married and has 2 children.

He completed his studies at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, in network engineering and information security. Mr. Tafa is a supporter of technology developments and has expertise in security management, threats and network administration.

After qualifying with a doctorate in Virtualization Systems in Computer Science in 2013, he has gained a number of international certifications mainly in the field of information security.

Mr. Tafa has a varied academic career serving as a lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Tirana in the field of technology and information.

With a career of over 16 years in the academic and information security field, Mr. Tafa has contributed to the advancement of research and the development of new technologies to address threats in this area. He has been a leader in many projects, has served as an advisor to various organizations, and has contributed to international panels and conferences.

Since October 2022, Mr. Tafa serves as the Director General of the National Cyber ​​Security Authority as well as the National Coordinator for Cyber ​​Security, contributing to the development of policies and strategies for the protection of information infrastructures from cyber threats and attacks.
Under this leadership, AKSK has undertaken a series of important initiatives both at the strategic and operational level, ranking Albania among the first countries that have adopted the NIS2 directive.

One of the most positive indicators during his leadership is the strengthening of cooperation with strategic partners such as the US Department of State, with whose support a number of projects have been implemented to increase the capacities of experts in the field of cyber security. AKSK works closely with international organizations such as NATO, OSCE, UN, in fulfilling field commitments. There has also been progress in initiatives to strengthen cooperation with partners in the Western Balkans region, and not only, for the establishment of communication platforms with the aim of building a regional climate and space, reliable in information security. Under his leadership AKSK has intensified cooperation with public and private institutions within the country through the organization of periodic trainings and the signing of numerous cooperation agreements for the sharing of information, expertise and best practices.

Part of AKSK’s achievements is the membership since May 2023 in the global initiative, Counter Ransomware Initiative (CRI) led by the USA, which aims to protect against Ransomware in terms of increasing capacities, technology and procedures.

With the commitment of Mr. Tafa, to achieve the strategic goals of Albania in an environment where information technology is changing with challenging steps, the creation of a new structure of the Authority was achieved, which includes specialized and trained teams in the field of cyber security, able to identify and deal with threats in real time and protect critical systems. Now AKSK not only fulfills the highest standards of cyber security, but also places itself at the vanguard of facing new challenges in this field, ensuring a safer digital future of Albania.