Regional Cyber Camp

National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security in cooperation with Geneva Center for Security Council (DCAF), OSCE, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), American Chamber of Commerce in Albania, Albanian Microfinance Association, One
Telecommunications organized the innovative event on April 19-21, 2022 “Regional Cyber Camp Albania”.

During the 3 days of the activity, about 100 young people and 50 professionals from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro deepened their knowledge and exchanged the best national practices in the field of cyber security.

This activity aims at creating a network among young people, institutions and other stakeholders to exchange experiences and best practices, which will serve as an opportunity to increase regional cyber-security co-operation in the Western Balkan’s region. The Regional Cyber Camp aims at emphasizing, on one side, the importance of education and orientation towards cyber security profiles of youth in the early stages of studies, and, on the other, aims at raising the cyber-security capacities and awareness among communities, being conducive to a safer regional cyber environment.