About Us

National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) has the responsibility of overseeing the enforcement of Law Nr.9880/2008 “On Electronic Signature” , of Law Nr.107/2015 “On Electronic Identification and Trusted Services” and Law Nr. 25/2024 “On Cyber Security” and under law acts that have been issued for their appliance.


Guaranteeing the security of trusted services, especially to ensure reliability and the security of electronic transactions between citizens, the bussines and public authorities, increasing the effectivity of public and private services and electronic commerce. Also, it defines the minimum technical CIIs Operators of data security and computer network/systems of information society, in accordance to the international CIIs Operators in this issue, with the goal of creating a safe electronic environment.


Creating an institution that, through the enforcement of law and technical international CIIs Operators, with zero tolerance, creates credibility for the users of electronic signing, electronic identification, trusted services and increases the security of information system networks in the Republic of Albania.

NCSA functions

1.  Registrates/ accredits the Trusted Service Provider and oversees his activity.
2. Inspects the methods of generating and managing public keys, and electronic certificates.
3. It oversees the process of issuing qualified electronic certificates and the implementation of
electronic signature, electronic identification and other trusted services.
4. It guarantees CIIs Operators on the safe identification of individuals who are issued with qualified electronic certificates.
5. It sets national cyber security measures.
6.Contact Point as well as National Assistance in cases of attacks and incidents related to Cyber Security.
7. Acts in the capacity of the national CSIRT
8. Provides help and methodical support for responsible operators in the field of cyber security;
9. Conduct awareness and education activities in the field of cyber security;
10. The Authority coordinates its activities with security and defense institutions and cooperates with sector CSIRTs and international authorities in the field of cyber security, through joint agreements, in accordance with the legislation in force.