Women in Tech

Within the framework of cyber security month, the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (AKCESK), in cooperation with other institutions and organizations in Albania that support such initiatives, organized on October 21, 2019, the “WOMEN IN TECH” conference .

Having essentially the woman and her career, the conference addressed three different topics: 1) She Leads Tech, 2) Women4Tech Initiatives and 3) Growing in the cyber ecosystem.
In all three of these sessions, many successful career women like Mrs. Vilma Tomço, Mrs. Edlira Muhedini, Mrs. Miranda Harizaj, Mrs. Anila Hoxha, Mrs. Hatixe Bilibashi, Mrs. Arlinda Mujo, Mrs. Xenina Pashaj, Mrs. Angela Neli, D3c0ders, mrs. Zoica Doko and Simona Petrozzi. A very original speech was also delivered by Professor Rezart Prifti, who was the only male speaker on the panel.

The purpose of the event was to motivate and advise the participants about developments in the field of information technology, especially students and young professionals. Mrs. Vilma Tomço, General Director of AKCESK, said that there is an increase in the number of girls and women in cyber security. According to her, this is happening because women are dedicated to work, they are ambitious and curious by nature, and obviously women can do a lot of work at the same time.

A message for all women related to cybernetics, Mrs. Miranda Harizaj, CEO of WIT Albania. She said that: “Women are a great force in all fields, why not also in the field of cybernetics”. She came out in support of all women, who are leading in a wonderful way, positions that until yesterday were known as “men’s positions”.

Arlinda Muja, from Kredo.al, said that today, 30 years after the fall of communism, the situation has changed as innovation has been moving at a fast pace in our country. Arlinda said that 63% of Albanians today are internet users. Today, women are decision makers and have a powerful leadership role in politics, institutions, media, business, civil society. “Today, 18 years after my graduation, the management of the Microfinance Fintech company, Kredo. I see it as a continuation of a successful journey that makes me feel complete and fulfilled in my professional goals”. But, this whole journey towards success has definitely not been so easy. Arlinda emphasized that at Kredo.al, about 71% of the company is dominated by women, while the management team has a staff of 100% women. Therefore, she dedicates the success of her company to women.

She shared some important tips with the attendees:
Do not aim to get management positions in the first 10 years of work. Use these 10 years to learn new things.
Don’t just be an IT. The more you know the components of the business you are employed in, the easier your success and professional development will be.
Every idea you give, you have to give it with a strategy.
“The future belongs to innovation and women leaders. Time is on your advantage. I am convinced that you will succeed. Therefore, do not stop.”
Likewise, Xhenina Pashaj, founder of Code IT, Anxel Neli from the SPI community and D3c0ders with Gjejza gave speeches where they told their success stories.

Zoica Doko was present from Vodafone Albania, who spoke on the topic “Fear of insecurity”. According to Zoica, “If something is unknown, face it. You may fail but find the strength to stand up and you will understand that security is part of everyone”.
Rezart Prifti emphasized during his speech at the panel that violence against women becomes an obstacle to their career.

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