Increasing human capacities of CII

On 11.04.2023, within the framework of the new strategic plan for strengthening cyber security at the national level, the National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, organized training  to increase  professional capacities of staff responsible for cyber security of critical and important Information infrastructures .

The training took place in two parallel sessions, where one session consisted of the training of the new Critical and Important Information Infrastructures identified in 2022. These new infrastructures were introduced to the legal framework in force for cyber security, the importance of setting up the CSIRT sectoral, the responsibilities of the national CSIRT/ sectoral CSIRT, the process of identifying critical and important information infrastructures, the categorization of cyber incidents, as well as special importance was given to the explanation of cyber security measures, which must be implemented by Operators of Critical Infrastructures and Important Information.

The second parallel session consisted of the development of several practical exercises “Table Top Exercise”, where participants were representatives from the existing critical and important information infrastructures, who through discussions and active participation on different scenarios, reached conclusions on the importance of designing security procedures, increasing the awareness and capacities of technical staff as well as the stages of prevention and detection of possible attacks that can affect ICT infrastructures.

Albania in support of the American Allies for the strengthening of Cyber Security at the National Level