Opening Ceremony of the DIGI-ABCD Summer School: Promoting Cyber ​​Security and Integration in the European Union

On May 29, the opening ceremony of the DIGI-ABCD Summer School on “Digital Transformation through Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cyber ​​Security and Data Protection in the context of EU Integration” took place.

The National Authority for Cyber ​​Security was represented at this event by the Director of Incident Monitoring and Response, SOC C-SIRT Operational Center, Mrs. Esmeralda Kazia. During the panel discussion, key topics were addressed, including the importance of integrating advanced technologies to improve Albania’s digital landscape and support its journey towards European Union integration.

As the authority responsible for cyber security, we aim to promote a safe and sustainable digital environment, fostering innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration. Our participation highlighted our commitment to advancing cyber security measures and incident management practices, in line with European Union values ​​and standards.



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