Cyber security in the banking sector, in focus of NAECCS, on the principle of trust building!

Within the current developments in the field of cyber security, the General Director of NAECCS Mr. Igli Tafa, on November 23, 2022 held the meeting on “Cybersecurity in the banking sector”.

This meeting was attended by the highest security leaders in this sector.

Mr. Tafa revealed the new vision of NAECCS under his leadership, placing the banking sector as one of the priorities with the greatest impact on information security.

This is a service within the primary commitments of the Albanian Government to guarantee the financial data of citizens and the banking sector as a whole.

High-level security measures and the establishment of the cyber security operational center, short-term commitments of NAECCS, were the main topic of discussion at this meeting, as an important step for increasing the level of cyber security.

Representatives of the banking sector expressed their willingness to support NAECCS, through the Association of Banks, where the group of the best cyber security experts has been set up, who will interact with the Authority in cases of cyber incidents.

Also, through the MISP, NAECCS will exchange information and warning measures with the CSIRTs of operators of critical infrastructures of the banking sector and beyond, to increase vigilance in the protection of information infrastructures from various vulnerabilities.

The meeting was concluded with common objectives for increasing the level of security in information infrastructures, in terms of increasing cooperation and building trust between the parties.

Increasing Institutional Interaction, Priority in Increasing the Level of Cyber Security in the country!