Increasing Institutional Interaction, Priority in Increasing the Level of Cyber Security in the country!

The General Director of the National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, Mr. Igli Tafa, in the role of the National Coordinator for Cyber Security, considered the issues of institutional interaction and other issues related to cyber security, a priority for creating an environment of national cyber security, today during the meeting with high representatives from defense and security institutions: Presidency, Parliament of Albania, General Directorate of State’s Police, State Intelligence Service, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, High Judical Council, The High Prosecution Council, the Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime, the Police Supervision Agency, the Financial Supervision Authority, the High Inspectorate for the Declaration and Control of Assets and Conflict of Interest, the National Civil Protection Agency, the Security Directorate of Classified Information, General Prosecutor’s Office.

The meeting was considered very fruitful in coordinating the work to achieve common objectives, as well as in determining the steps that should be taken by each institution to successfully face any possible cyber attack attempt.

Mr. Tafa emphasized the importance of setting up structures responsible for cyber security in independent institutions and coordination with NAECCS, for identifying critical information infrastructures near them, in order to implement high level cyber security measures.

NAECCS, in the role of the responsible authority, is always available to facilitate any process related to the identification of critical information infrastructures, increasing the capacities of structures responsible for security, and implementing cyber security measures for these infrastructures.

The goal of creating a secure cyber ecosystem in the country starts precisely from the institutional interaction!

General Director of NAECCS Mr. Igli Tafa Holds a meeting with the Ambassador At Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policies of the USA, Mr. Nathaniel Fick