Cyber Crisis Management Simulation Table

Deputy Prime Minister, Mrs. Belinda Balluku closely followed the simulation of the response to a cyber crisis, organized by NAECCS, in order to deepen cooperation and coordination between public and private institutions in such cases.

Organized in the House of Europe, this table, facilitated by eGA and NUKIB, within the project financed by the European Union for increasing capacities in the Western Balkans, brought together representatives at the decision-making level of institutions such as: National Agency of Information Society (AKSHI), the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the State Information Service and representatives from the banking sector.

This table serves the effort to prepare a legal framework as complete as possible as well as the establishment of a team of experts who will be able to respond to malicious cyber-attacks in the country.

Weekly Bulletin 25-29 March 2024