NAECCS – participant and contributor to the discussions of the global cyber security conference “RSA Conference 2023”, San Francisco, USA

On April 24-27 2023 in San Francisco, USA, the “RSA Conference 2023”  was organized. The conference gathers cyber security leaders and the most important representatives of the industry, with the aim of building cooperative relations between the participating countries, exchanging best practices for capacity building and exchanging information on the safe use and management of cyber security products and services.

During the session “How like-minded nations operate in today’s cyber environment”, Albania, represented by the General Director of NAECCS Mr. Igli Tafa, presented the challenges our country is facing and the progressive steps being taken, in order to increase the level of cyber security at the national level.

Also, following the discussions of this session, the head of NAECCS presented the request for the inclusion of Albania in several initiatives, such as the one for the establishment of the “Ransomware Platform”, which was initiated by Israel, Australia, t United Arab Emirates,  Netherlands and Germany.

The conference continued by addressing important issues in the field, among which the challenges for cyber security professionals, the importance of creating international partnerships to increase cyber protection and the implementation of ZeroTrust will be discussed.

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