Workshop: “A safer space for children”

In the framework of “A safer cyber space for children”, NAECCS in cooperation with the State Agency for the Rights and Protection of Children (ASHMDF), organized a Workshop on March 27, 2024 at the Kukës Palace of Culture.

This workshop was developed in the framework of raising awareness among children and young people about a safer cyberspace, bringing to attention the positive contributions that the development of technology has, however, it can present many risks that they may face in cases of inappropriate use of digital space.

Children and parents should know that for any concerns encountered in various forms such as: psychological violence, abuse, neglect, etc., they can report to the official website of NAECCS on the RAPORTO platform, or they can notify the ASHMDF and the line helpers for children, Alo 116 111. Participants in this Workshop were representatives from the local government, law enforcement institutions, social workers, children of different age groups from 9-year-old and secondary schools, teachers, parents as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations that play an important role for the protection of children.

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