The Importance of Data Protection and ISO 27701 Accreditation in Albania

Albania takes a further step towards strengthening its information security infrastructure by raising awareness and promoting ISO 27701 certification, bringing together all relevant actors in a meeting. NAECCS, as an important contributor to this process, participated in one of the panels of the meeting organized by the General Directorate of Accreditation, supported by RisiAlbania, a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by Helvetas Albania.

ISO 27701 is a data privacy standard that builds on ISO 27001, the most widely used international standard for information security management. Certification and Standards, in addition to being a requirement of the EU, create opportunities for growth, outsource services or exports – processes that will create jobs for young people in Albania.

This activity came as a joint effort to foster a safer and more conducive environment for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The use of ISO 27701 Standards directly affects the development of business with international standards, promoting the increase of information security and business competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets and bringing our companies closer to the European market.

During the meeting, discussions were held with experts, who represented important actors in the Albanian market. The panelists, including Blerina Qazimin, Besa Stringën, Sokol Avxhiun, Saimir Kapllani, Alfons Muça, Nikolin Metaj and Raffaelle Regni, shared their knowledge on critical topics such as the need for accredited certifications for standards 27701, 27017 and 2701.



Weekly Bulletin 8-12 January 2024