Participant in the RSAC 2024 International Cyber Security Conference

On May 6-9, the RSAC 2024 Conference was organized in San Francisco, California, which was attended by 40,000 cyber security experts from around the world and about 500 companies in the field of cyber security and information technology.

Within this conference, the 11th meeting of the ICSF International Cyber Security Forum was also held, which brought together over 70 government delegates from more than 35 countries and international organizations to discuss the most pressing cyber security risks and issues they are facing the states. AKSK was represented in this meeting by the Director of the Directorate of Cyber Governance, Risk and Control, Mr. Saimir Kapllani, who shared with the attendees the steps taken by Albania to deal with cyber-attacks as well as the challenges our country is facing.

For the first time in history, this forum was welcomed by the US Secretary of State Mr. Antony Blinken, who in his speech emphasized the importance of digital solidarity and cooperation between the public and private sectors to create a sustainable and secure cyber ecosystem.

“Standing side by side with partners and allies to advance in a shared vision for a technology ecosystem that respects rights, innovative and secure is a basic necessity” stressed the Secretary of State.

During the days of the activity, Mr. Kapllani held meetings with leaders of cyber security agencies of different countries, representatives of international organizations, economic operators, as well as with Mr. Eric Goldstein, assistant to the Executive Director of CISA. During the meeting with the latter, it was discussed to increase the cooperation between the two institutions in the framework of sharing information about cyber threats, assistance for incident management as well as increasing capacities in order to protect critical infrastructures.


A Successful Cyber Drill Thanks to the National Cyber Security Authority Experts