NAECCS was invited to the seminar: “Security of Critical Infrastructures in the Republic of Moldova – from Defense to Resilience”

AKCESK was invited to the seminar on “Critical Infrastructure Security in the Republic of Moldova – from Defense to Resilience” on April 26 in Chisinau, Moldova supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova and the EU Partnership Mission in the Republic of Moldova.

The seminar addressed topics related to cyber security challenges in the region and, among other things, presented the EU regulatory framework on the management and sustainability of critical information infrastructures. In this activity, NAECCS shared the experience of the Republic of Albania regarding the protection of critical information infrastructures, as one of the pillars of the National Cyber Security Strategy and the government’s priority for increasing the level of security in the national digital ecosystem.

Represented on the panel was Mr. Eris Sinojmeri, Responsible for the Cyber Risk Analysis Sector, who presented the example of our country regarding the strategies that the Authority follows for the Protection of Critical Information Infrastructures.


NAECCS held the next CTF at the Faculty of Economics