NAECCS supports regional cooperation in response to cyber attacks

NAECCS participated in the Regional Cyber Security Conference, “Cyber Zero”, which was held in Pristina, on March 4 and 5. This conference highlighted the importance of regional cooperation in protecting critical infrastructures against growing cyber threats in the Western Balkans region.

During the panel “Building a protective shield for critical infrastructures in the Western Balkans through cooperation”, Mr. Saimir Kapllani, Director of Compliance, Risk and Control Analysis at NAECCS, shed light on the challenges that our region faces in the field of cyber security . He emphasized the vital importance of expanding cooperation on data sharing on cyber threats, increasing the capacities of regional experts through joint training initiatives, and the necessity of strengthening public and private partnerships in the research and academic sectors. Mr. Kapllani also underlined the need for strategic investments in advanced technologies that will help in efficient monitoring and management of cyber incidents.

This meeting was a platform to build stronger regional relations and define future courses of action for a safer Western Balkans in cyberspace. NAECCS continues to be committed to taking concrete steps towards closer regional and international cooperation, sharing responsibilities and joining forces to face cyber security challenges.


Weekly Bulletin 26-29 February 2024