Takim me përfaqësues të Institute for Security Governance/ delegacioni US

Meeting with representatives of the Institute for Security Governance/ US delegation

NAECCS held a joint meeting with representatives of the Institute for Security Governance, as part of the delegation of the United States of America, with a dedicated mission in support of the Ministry of Defense. General Director of NAECCS Mr. Igli Tafa, presented at the meeting the role and vision of the Authority, as well as the cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, in terms of increasing the level of security in the cyber ecosystem in Albania.

On the other hand, the representatives of the delegation revealed their strategy, focused on creating a clear interaction between security and defense institutions, recommending its implementation in our country as well, where the Ministry of Defense will be responsible for cyber defense in national level and NAECCS, Authority responsible for civil information infrastructures.

The delegation continues the meetings with other security and defense institutions, with a focus on identifying the needs of actors for strategic, technological development and policy drafting, in function of the 7-year assistance to the Ministry of Defense.

The Cooperation Agreement in the field of Cyber Security between NAECCS and the United Arab Emirates is signed