Takimi ne zyrat e Autoritetit me Presidentin e Jones Group, z.John G.Lord

Meeting at the Authority’s offices with the President of Jones Group, Mr. John G. Lord

The General Director of the National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, at the same time the National Coordinator for Cyber Security, Mr. Igli Tafa held a meeting with the President of Jones Group, Mr. John G. Lord.

The meeting took place as a function of NAECCS’s cooperation with Jones Group within the Cyber Security Strategy.

The president of the Jones company, Mr. John G. Lord expressed his desire to cooperate with the Authority.

For his part, the General Director Mr. Igli Tafa thanked Mr. Lord for the support that the company run by him has offered to public institutions in Albania. The expertise and capacities offered by the Jones company can serve as an excellent opportunity in terms of the implementation of the cyber security strategy, stressed the General Director of NAECCS during the meeting.

Concrete Investments in Cyber Security – Priority of Albania and Strategic Partners