Cyber Security, a National Priority!


The general director of NAECCS Mr. Igli Tafa, following the meetings aimed at increasing the level of security and cooperation, held a meeting with the “health sector, microfinance and insurance companies” on December 7, 2022.

The purpose of this meeting was the current situation of cyber security, the possibility of increased cooperation to increase security in critical infrastructures, within the framework of the implementation of the new strategy and vision for cyber security.

The meeting discussed the change of the legal framework, with the aim of transposing European directives in the field, which brings innovation in the creation of sectoral CSIRTs and new schemes for cyber security certification for ICT equipment, products and processes.

Discussions were also focused on the establishment of the “National Monitoring Center”, which will cooperate with the operators of critical and important infrastructures for monitoring their networks and systems, for the prevention of cyber incidents.

NAECCS, with its capacities and with the assistance of strategic partners, will enable the increase of capacities for the sector CSIRTs and responsible structures near the infrastructures, for the management of cyber incidents.

Mr. Tafa emphasized that all critical and important information infrastructures, which have an impact on the lives of citizens and society, have the obligation to increase security measures both from a procedural and legal point of view, as well as from a technical point of view for cyber protection of infrastructures and management of cyber incidents.

Cybersecurity in the Western Balkans in focus of the EU Summit in Tirana