Albanian Cyber Academy- Third Edition

In the framework of the implementation of the law on cyber security, the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security, organized for the first time the training to increase the capacities of the sectorial CSIRTs. The training was focused not only on security measures applicable to critical and important information infrastructures at the national level but also on dealing with threats and innovations in the field of Cyber Security that affect these infrastructures, with the aim of increasing the level of security at the national level. . Part of this new challenge were public and private operators that administer such infrastructures, starting from the largest public operator that administers most government infrastructures, AKSHI, to private ones including second-level banks.

This activity was carried out in cooperation with our partners the American Embassy and the British Embassy in Tirana, Intesa San Paolo Bank, Abi Bank, Fibank, AQSCERT and Protik.

Meeting on “Consultation of the chapter on the safety of children online, in the national strategy for cyber security”