Albania, the first in the regional cyber security exercise organized in the format of a friendly competition!

The 4-day cyber training, organized by the Estonian eGovernance Academy, CybExer Technologies, the National Information Society Agency (AKSHI), the National Authority on Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (NAECCS) and other competent security authorities , with the support of the European Union, was held in Tirana where cyber security experts from Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia participated. The Albanian team, led by representatives of AKSHI and NAECCS, with participants from other security institutions and critical information infrastructures, showed excellent skills in responding to a cyber attack simulation, ranking first.

The activity was attended by the President of the Republic of Albania SH.T.Z. Bajram Begaj together with the President of the Republic of Estonia, H.E. Alar Karis and the Ambassador of the European Union H.S. Mrs. Christiane Hohmann.

General Director of NAECCS, Mr. Igli Tafa, in his speech, thanked the European Union, the Estonian President, and the Academy of Electronic Government of Estonia for their continued support, underlining that by working together we can protect our countries and our citizens from cyber threats and create a future where our infrastructures are safe and sustainable.

The General Director of AKSHI, Mrs. Mirlinda Karçanaj, during this activity, first thanked the EU ambassador in Tirana, who made it possible to organize this activity, the European and American partners who are supporting Albania, and praised the work of NAECCS for setting standards and raising awareness in the field of cyber security, with the help of the eGovernance Academy, which has provided support in the drafting of the legal framework as well as consulting on the management of cyber security in the private sector. Ms. Karcanaj underlined that after the sophisticated attack on Albania last year sponsored by a state not friendly to our country, these simulations are important for increasing the skills of our experts.

At a time when cyber security challenges are global, Albania has increased its focus on increasing technical capacities for responsible cyber security staff. NAECCS continues working intensively to strengthen cooperation and increase the level of cyber security by implementing the best international practices and expertise.




The Balkan Cybersecurity Days Event in Albania