Albania – active role in the discussions of the United Nations on Cyber Security

On March 4-8, the US State Department held the 7th Substantive Session of the OEWG, in New York.

In this important national commitment, the Albanian delegation has played an active role and has made an inherent contribution. NAECCS is part of this delegation through the deputy general director, Mrs. Floretta Faber. Her participation in the next section was supported by the US Department of State, Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy (CDP), as part of the empowerment of women in cybersecurity issues at the OEWG.

In the official statement of Albania in the section where the development of rules, norms and principles for the responsible behavior of states were addressed, Mrs. Faber emphasized that the Albanian Government has taken all measures to review the legislation on cyber security, aligning it with the EU framework, increasing investments in infrastructure, increasing capacities and strengthening international cooperation. The revision of the legislation, along with the new cyber security strategy, aim to strengthen Albania’s resilience against growing cyber threats. Investments in modernized technology and infrastructure further demonstrate Albania’s commitment to protecting critical information infrastructure.

In the section that focused on the ways and needs for increasing capacities, Mrs. Faber presented that Albania is committed to developing a strong education and training ecosystem for cyber security. This commitment will be embodied in the creation of the National Cyber Security Academy (NCSA), an initiative designed to prepare the next generation of cyber security experts for Albania. She presented the platform that will enable training of experts in the cyber field in the public and private sectors. She also presented the work that has already begun for the protection of children online.

International cooperation remains a cornerstone of Albania’s approach to strengthening cyber security capacities. Our country’s active involvement in international forums reflects a multidimensional effort to improve national and regional cyber resilience.

Always being fully aligned with international best practices and strengthening cooperation, Albania is positioning itself as a key player in global efforts to provide a safe and sustainable digital ecosystem for all.


Cyber Security News Bulletin February 2024