NAECCS and MEFA together at an OSCE table to discuss the role of information and communication technologies in regional and international security

NAECCS and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEFA) together at an OSCE table on the role of information and communication technologies in the context of Regional and International Security.

This event was held last week in Belgrade, where representatives from cyber security and foreign policy institutions of eight countries participated. Discussions focused on international and regional cyber security developments and OSCE confidence-building measures (CBMs), as well as national initiatives and perspectives for strengthening cyber resilience.

In this activity, NAECCS presented an overview of the latest developments in the field of cyber security in Albania, the progress achieved in terms of policies, legislation, and technical capacities as well as the challenges the country faces.

Participants from Albania were Mrs. Floreta Faber, deputy General Director of NAECCS, Mrs. Oltjana Beci, specialist at NAECCS, and Mrs. Greta Andoni, adviser to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs.




Protection of Critical Information Infrastructures, Priority of the Albanian Government