Cyber security course

This training will cover four main cyber security topics, which are:

· Protection against phishing

· Creating strong passwords

· Provision of equipment

· Incident reporting

At the end of the module there is a quiz to test the knowledge learned.

Cyber hygiene course for civil servants

This course provides a simple, practical, 60-minute training for civil servants of all levels and profiles who, as part of their work, process official data and various types of information, as well as use computers and equipment. other IT in their performance. The course can be taken by existing employees and new employees.

The course begins by introducing the basics of cyber security and its importance. Next, it defines what a hacker is and the type of hacking mechanisms used to attack individuals and organizations.

Finally, he demonstrates the best ways to avoid cyber attacks and how to stay safe online. After each module there is a knowledge summary and a final knowledge assessment quiz after the last module.